Will Robots Take Your Job? This Startup Helps You Calculate the Risk Online

The rapid advancement of Artificial intelligence seems cool at first thought. However, until we take time to think about it deeply, we may not realize that it has some negative effects on the man and employment.

How possible is it for a robot or an automated machine to take my job? You may not like the answer you get but you can ask a web app; Will Robots Take My Job?

This site was created using the 2013 reports on how susceptible 702 different jobs are to computerization. It was designed by Raykov Dimitar and developed by Mubashar Iqbal.

Based on studies carried out, it is accurate to state that up to 47% of the total US employment faces this risk. For this reason, – Be afraid. Be very afraid.

We have ascertained the jobs that are under great risk of being lost to machines in the closest future. If you work as a Data entry Keyer, library technician, tax Preparer, watch repairer, mathematical technician, tailor, or telemarketer, you should be really scared.

Michael Osborne and Benedikt Frey of University of Oxford stated that about 25% of all the jobs that were taken into consideration during the research in 2013 have about 90% or more chance of being computerized and because of the growth of IT, we can say those numbers should be higher by now.

If you are contemplating a change in career, this might be the best time. You should give up your job as manicurists/pedicurists – 95 percent, waiters – 94 percent, umpires, referees, other sports officials – 98 percent for something more secure.

You are not much safer if you are a river. However, Cosmetologists, air traffic controllers, dancers and reporters have only about 11% risk of loosing their jobs to machines. 

Frey and Osborn noted that those with the highest risks are those in logistics and transport jobs, labor in production, office and administrative and support logistics.

They also stated that it doesn’t stop with these jobs listed above. They noted that even some of the service oriented jobs that have recorded the highest jobs in recent times are also susceptible.

All these are only projections and not exactly confirmed. The forecast was done with statistics only 4 years old, therefore, the 23rd safest job will become one of high risk if someone somewhere decides to create an android podiatrist.

The only way to stay ahead is to acquire knowledge because this research clearly shows that it is the low-skill jobs that are more susceptible while the jobs that require creative and social intelligence are safer.

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