Want Happy Employees? Do This.

Happy workers are productive workers and will invest more of their energy into ensuring your business succeeds. When your employees are happy, they will stick around longer, saving you from expensive recruiting costs and training time. Studies show that employees are happiest when they are able to do their work in a private setting, such as in an office space, as opposed to working in a totally open office or in cubicles. 

While “hip and cool” office design trends dictate that you tear down the walls and have all of your employees do their work in an open office setting, most employees find this kind of office set up to be too distracting to reach for their optimal performance. Are you interested in learning more about keeping your employees happy while they are at work? Read on as we explain the ideal office concept you should consider in further detail.

Private Office Concept

As an employer, you want your employees to collaborate with one another, share ideas, and work together as a solid team, but employees need their own space in order to do their work. Open office concepts allow workers at all levels to have quick access to one another and share information almost instantly, but they are loud by nature and can cause less productivity. When employees can’t concentrate on their work because of everything else going on around them, they will not be able to show you their best work. 

A traditional private office provides a quiet space for employees to concentrate. If there is a detail oriented task that needs to be finished, like creative design, budgeting, or drafting a report, most employees will give you their best work when they are able to dedicate their full attention to the project they are working on.

In an open work environment, there are distractions such as the sound of keyboards plucking away, phones ringing, and office chatter that is almost impossible to tune out. You can still incorporate a modern open office design into your building floor plans while providing private offices to your workers. Consider adding an employee lounge or open conference space to the mix that encourages employees to come out of their offices and work when they are not busy doing a project that requires as little distraction as possible. Employees do like to get out of their offices and stretch their legs throughout the day.

Other Office Amenities to Consider

Looking for more ways to make your employees happy and keep them engaged? Here are a few ideas you can implement right away:

  1. Plush furnishings: Employees spend more hours at work than they generally do at home, so make the office feel more like a home by investing in some comfortable couches and chairs. Mainstream office furniture is uncomfortable and leads to achy muscles by the end of the day.
  2. Fitness room: If space and your company budget allows, provide employees with a fitness room so they can pursue their personal exercise goals and work off some stress.
  3. Complimentary coffee and snacks: Sometimes it is the little gestures that matter and employees appreciate complimentary coffee and snacks in a big way.
  4. Plenty of greenery: Nobody likes feeling as though they work in an institution or a cave so be sure you invest in plenty of greenery to bring nature into the office.

Employees have choices when it comes to where they work, and will voice their opinions about your company through social media, even if you are not yet aware of it. At Ratedly, we are here to help you put your best foot forward so your workers continue to give your business the glowing reviews it deserves. Contact us today, so we can partner with you!

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