Study: How to Measure, Increase Employee Engagement

How to measure, increase employee engagement.
How to measure, increase employee engagement.

A joint survey between and Bonusly consisted of 532 participants from small businesses to large enterprises with 20,000+ employees. The second annual study was primarily focused on employee engagement, and it gathered research on engagement levels, effectiveness of engagement programs, and insights on how these programs can be more successful.

How are Companies Measuring Employee Engagement?

In order to fully understand employee engagement there needs to be a consistent way to measure it. The results of the survey revealed that many companies are not actively measuring this sufficiently, with 46% of the overall survey responders saying they don’t measure employee engagement at all. However, when only focusing on the larger organizations, the percentage jumped up to 72% who do measure employee engagement. The two most popular ways that companies are measuring engagement is through annual surveys with 73%, and exit interviews with 59%.

Many companies are also using other several other ways to measure engagement, such as through:

  • Retention rates (45%)
  • One-on-ones with managers (42%)
  • Performance management system (41%)
  • Pulse surveys (36%)
  • Customer satisfaction rates (29%)
  • Employee productivity (26%)
  • Product and service quality ratings (13%)

Measuring Employee Engagement More than Once a Year

In many cases, it seems annual surveys are still relevant for many companies. However, over a third of responders to the annual HR survey say they are measuring employee engagement more than once a year, and the trend is likely to continue.

What is the Level of Engagement of Employees? and Bonusly’s research explores current state of employee engagement based on the opinions of HR professionals. Engagement is seen when an employees provides their best work, which is also known as discretionary effort. Survey participants were asked how they perceive their employees putting forward this kind of effort. The results showed that many employers are facing employee engagement challenges with only 11% strongly agreeing, and 34% agreeing. However, overall the subject is mixed with only 14% strongly disagreeing. However, these varying levels are likely indicative of employers not actively measuring employee engagement in the first place.

Human Resources professionals state employee engagement can charge an organization’s overall performance:

  • 93% say there is a strong link between engagement and performance
  • 83% claim there are reliable ways to measure employee engagement.   

What Drives Employee Engagement?

Through the surveys results, it seems leadership and immediate supervisors are key in driving employee engagement. 81% of responders stated that trust in leaders and 79% said relationship with immediate supervisor are most highly linked. However, these were not the only high ranking answers in the survey. Employee engagement is also highly linked to, with at least 67% of respondents:

  • A sense of purpose (75%)
  • Organizational culture (74%)
  • Belief in the organization (69%)
  • Opportunities for career growth (68%)
  • Enjoyment of work (68%)
  • Relationship with colleagues (67%)

Highly Engaged Organizations Work Differently

Throughout the survey it becomes clear that organizations that are highly engaged work differently. They are more likely to:

  • Measure engagement more than once a year
  • Recognize and reward employees for doing well
  • Offer career growth opportunities
  • Involve employee engagement

How to Boost Your Organizations Engagement?

Whether your organization is already offering high engagement or you need some improvement, it is important to consider your next steps. If you would like to focus on how to boost your organizations employee engagement you will want to consider:

  • Discuss what engagement is and what it does for your organization with your leadership team
  • Encourage good leadership behavior and offer career growth opportunities
  • Measure employee engagement more than once a year in multiple ways
  • Put an emphasis on clear communication
  • Focus engagement initiatives on overall employee experience
  • Involve HR and Leaders throughout the process.

Tracking anonymous employee reviews online also counties to be an important part of formulating a strong plan to keep employees engaged, which is where Ratedly comes in. Contact us today to learn more.