Do This If You Want to Maintain, Improve on Employee Engagement

In a recent publication by the MSPB it stated that the federal leaders and managers should focus on maintaining and improving the levels of employment engagement.

It was also stated that “As newly appointed leaders across the executive branch consider potential reorganization plans and possible reductions in resources, they would do well to continue previous efforts aimed at fostering greater employee engagement”.

MSPB stated that employee engagement has been the main concern in federal personnel policies for about 10 years, indicating its own particular 2008 report that recognized six principle drivers of engagement: pride in one’s work or work environment; strong organizational leadership; a chance to perform well at work; appropriate reorganization; prospects for development; and a positive workplace with some emphasis on teamwork.

Subsequent reports from MSPB concentrated on how well leaders complete performance management practices in those regions and identified the parts of jobs that federal workers find the most fulfilling. Additionally, OPM built up a worker engagement index measure in the yearly Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and GAO issued a report promising that the practices will be improved to enhance engagement, it noted.

“The new administration has shown some enthusiasm for rearranging executive agencies to increase effectiveness and in reallocating sizeable amounts of resources. These modifications could bring about budgetary and workforce reductions in a few agencies. The expectations are that as the changes are executed, organization leaders will proceed with continue with efforts to measure and encourage worker engagement,” MSPB said.

“The main goal, obviously, is not to increase worker engagement, but instead to increase optimal organization performance that will be consistent with the prevailing policy priorities on ground. Given the solid relationship between higher levels of employee engagement and better organizational results, maintaining–if not improving–employee engagement ought to remain the main for federal leaders and administrators going ahead,” it said. 

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