New LinkedIn Pages Gives You More Ways to Engage and Connect with Candidates

LinkedIn Launches Pages

New LinkedIn Pages Gives Employers More Ways to Engage and Connect with Candidates

LinkedIn announced the launch of Pages today. They say the new offering represents “the next generation of LinkedIn Company and Career Pages.” Most notably, users can enhance their Page with Career Pages, giving employers a way to engage potential job candidates with a Life tab and a Jobs tab that provide a customized look into a company’s culture, and jobs.

“Our new Career Pages design gives you more ways to engage with job seekers, sharing what makes your company, your culture, your employees, and your job postings stand out,” wrote Wei Ling Heng. “We’re also making it easier to engage in conversations with the Pages newsfeed, which enables you to provide ongoing company updates and encourage comments from current and prospective talent.”

Here’s a screenshot:

LinkedIn Pages

New LinkedIn Pages Feature Employee “Testimonials” and “Perspectives”

For employer branding professionals, whose job it is to monitor the online presence of their company, there are two items of significant note. First, notice the “Testimonials” section. This looks to be a section where current employees say generally nice things about the organization. It’s not clear how these comments are added, or how they are prioritized. It’s also unclear whether or not this will be an outlet for criticism. Maybe it’ll be like MySpace’s old Top Friends feature. Stay tuned.

Second is “Perspectives.” Here, it looks like employees can leave commentary about their experience working with the organization. This also seems to be largely complimentary as opposed to critical. Unfortunately, all the examples in the image above are the same, so it’s hard to guess what kind of content will be shared here, or whether or not it’ll be interactive with Page visitors.

We’ve been talking about employee reviews coming to LinkedIn for awhile now, but Pages seems to be the first mainstream example of giving employees a voice on the world’s most popular business network. This could be a real challenge to the content seen on Glassdoor and Indeed.

As a result, if you’ve never paid attention to LinkedIn for employer branding purposes before, it’s fair to say now is a good time to start. As usual, as far as Ratedly goes, we’ll continue to watch LinkedIn closely and help our clients monitor what’s being said on LinkedIn by current at past employees.


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