29% of Recruiters Checkout LinkedIn, But 38% Do This Instead

Recruiters Aren't Using LinkedIn Exclusively

Recruiters Aren’t Using LinkedIn Exclusively

With the rise of social media platforms and its pervasive influence over every aspect of our lives, our social network accounts have grown from avenues for sharing and keeping tabs about our experiences and those of our loved ones into a fertile ground for job hunters and employers alike. If you are searching for a new position, your social media footprint can be a source of valuable information for hiring managers and recruiters.

Most people quickly conclude that recruiters will always check LinkedIn to know more about an applicant because it’s the professional’s social network. However, data from Fast Company shows that only 29 percent of hiring managers look at a potential candidate’s LinkedIn.

The report also indicates that 38 percent of recruiters check applicants’ social media activity including their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. It’s critical to carefully weigh the impact of any content you want to post on social media on potential employers’ perception about you. While some hiring managers and recruiters won’t bother to check your social media profiles, many see it as an important step due to the following:

  1. Social Media Reveals Your Personality to Recruiters
    The main reason why recruiters scroll through your social media profiles is that your online presence helps them learn a lot about your personality. Simply Hired Project Manager Carly Johnson told Fast Company that she scopes social media profiles to get a more balanced view of the applicant. In her words, she says “Instagram and Facebook show a living, breathing person. It’s great to have a second level of information.”
  2. Hiring Managers Use the Information On Your Social Media Profiles to Determine Whether You Are a Good Fit for Their Organization
    While recruiters glean personality traits not present in your resume from your social media presence, they can also use the information to determine how you can fit into their company culture. Hiring managers also track your network interactions and comments to learn about your communication skills. Johnson says: “You want to make sure candidates aren’t rude or offensive toward people. Also, do their personal opinions fit with your culture?”
  3. Your Personal Conduct On Social Media Can Reveal Your Knowledge of Branding
    Industries such as public relations and marketing place a premium on your branding skills. Social media offers hiring managers in such industries the opportunity to see in real life how well you can brand yourself. It’s the reason why the Internship Director for AgencyH5 marketing company Victoria Whiting checks applicants’ Instagram and Facebook profiles because her firm promotes its clients through these social media platforms.

She explains to Fast Company that “We create Facebook content and paid ads for many of our clients, so it’s important that this channel is not overlooked. [And] Instagram is a great place to showcase your eye for cohesive imagery, brand development, engaging content, and clever copywriting,”

In conclusion, your social media presence can make or mar your career progression. It’s important to carefully consider the implication of silly contents before posting online because the internet never forgets. 


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