Kununu Launches Beta Program to Strengthen Dialogue Between Employers and Potential Candidates

Kununu today announced a beta program to test its newest enhancements and features to better enable a two-way dialogue between employers and potential candidates. These new features give both companies and job seekers the opportunity to have their voices heard, asking and answering questions in real-time.

In the last decade, the idea having reviews for a company, similar to that of restaurants and chain stores, was frowned upon as organizations wanted to keep their information close to the chest and only divulge what was necessary. Now that we are in a time where employees have more power, companies need to share what they can provide to potential candidates. Job seekers expect complete transparency from an organization in order to make informed decisions about the type of job they want to have and whether it fits their wants and needs.

Recent research by kununu reveals that internal survey data doesn’t map to what external review sites publish. In turn, reviews sites miss the mark by providing information that is authentic and thoughtful in nature. The new features on the kununu platform are improving the depth of information available and giving job seekers workplace insights that matter. kununu also provides companies with a platform to be open and transparent to potential candidates and build their employer brand in the process.

The new features currently in beta include:

  • Question and Answer: Job seekers now have access to a thread of knowledge and the option to post questions that may not be answered through reviews and profile content. Current and formers employees along with company representatives are alerted and can respond to these questions in order to help job seekers learn more about the companies they want to apply to.
  • Helpful Thumb: Each question and answer will have a helpful thumb feature to up vote responses and questions that maybe important to a number of job seekers. As a user, one can scroll through what others have asked and shared and up vote answers to signify the most thoughtful responses. Over time, a company can use this information to inform their profile content and what they should prioritize in terms of culture, benefits, perks and more.

“We are self-critical enough to realize we need to continue to build on our strengths to solve a big problem within the job hunting process,” said Moritz Kothe, CEO, kununu. “We believe in the power of diverse opinions and perspectives in order to get a true view of an employer and we want to ensure this knowledge is available to all job hunters in order to make a better workplace for all.”

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