Indeed Partners with Fairygodboss, InHerSight, Comparably to Offer Workplace Diversity Evaluations for Hiring Companies

The Internet has been integrated into most parts of our lives, and that includes job search. If you’ve ever gone online in hopes of broadening your job opportunities, than you’ve likely come across Indeed.

Indeed is always moving, and one of the updates include providing tools to evaluate the diversity and inclusiveness of employers. Indeed has paired with three different review websites to make this happen: Fairygodboss, InHerSight, and Comparably. The goal is to provide more information to anyone who’s interested in evaluating employers.

Job site Indeed to offer workplace diversity evaluations for employers

Indeed is Adding Diversity Information on Company Pages

Fairygodboss and InHerSight’s goals with Indeed is to allow women to review and rate other women, while Comparably will provide a more diverse and general score for employers. This move will allow Indeed to become more transparent and accountable than ever when it comes to employers, and at the same time it provides said employers with the opportunity to diversify their workplace.

In order to have a lot more information, Indeed did a survey of 1,000 women involved in the field of technology to get some insight into what they value most when it comes to considering a job, and also to get more information about what they consider works and doesn’t work in the workplace.

The results of the survey showed that health insurance is the top priority for over two-thirds of women. Salary is also one of the essential motivators, but 68 percent of the women surveyed also consider that health care is another top priority.

Another interesting yet unsurprising fact is that 52 percent of the respondents also value vacation time. This causes no shock at all if you consider that Americans have strenuous work schedules. 46% of the women surveyed also declare that bonuses and regular raises are important, 37 percent value regular time off, and 26% also value retirement planning.

Of course, priorities can change if you consider factors like age. Women of ages from 45 to 55 years old consider that vacation time is a very important factor and only 45 percent of women from ages of 16 to 24 feel the same way. This difference may be due to the fact that younger workers have more desire to build their careers up.

52 percent of women who’ve been working in the tech industry for less than a year consider that regular raises and bonuses are a must, while only 28 percent of respondents who have been in the industry for over 40 years consider it important.

What we can learn from the Indeed survey is that tech companies do provide quite a few things on women’s lists. Only 76% report that they get health insurance from their company, 56 percent report that their companies offer retirement planning, 50% report that their companies believe in bonuses and regular raises, and only 36 percent report that their companies offer performance bonuses.

93 percent of women who have been involved in the industry of technology for over 40 years report that they receive vacation time, while 55 percent of women who have been in the industry for one to two years report the same.

Over half of the women surveyed report that their needs are covered “extremely well” by their companies, while only 27 percent affirm their needs are only covered “moderately well”, and 14 percent report that their needs are only covered “slightly well”.

The industry of technology still has some work to do in order to achieve gender equality because only 49 percent of respondents agree that genders are treated equally, and 36 percent of them feel that men receive a certain level of favorable treatment. 

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