Here’s Why Employer Brand Is So Friggin’ Important

In a global marketplace that has continued to be competitive on a daily basis, attracting and securing the perfect kind of talent is vital for the growth of a business. An effective employer brand can be the best business tool to connect its values, the HR policies and people’s strategy to the corporate brand.

Employer brand refers to how a particular business is viewed by others; the employees, the key shareholders and the public. Things that normally affect the employer brand are how a business carries out its activities in the market and how good the employer is to the employees.

Here are some of the reasons why employer brand has become very important in the modern business world.

Financial Stability

A perfect employer brand can contribute towards ensuring that the business is stable financially. Various studies, particularly one done by Boston Consulting Group have shown that businesses that invest in employer branding could benefit from a 2.5% increase in profit margin and a 3.5% revenue growth sale.

Active Social Media Presence

Technology is taking center stage in almost all sectors and businesses are resolving to social media to boost their employer brands. Having a strong and active social media presence means that your company is up to date and will always be in a position to improve itself.

Through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, members of the public will be able to see the business’ online presence and take note of its culture and values. When the company is positioned at the right place, it would be so easy for it to attract the right talent.

The company’s official website can also play a huge role here. It has been noted that most job applicants prefer getting in touch with companies through sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, since they create a sort of intimate and more direct relationship.

Enthusiastic and Engaged Employees

According to studies carried out by Boston Consulting Group,, firms that have positive employer brands have more engaged employees. Such employees tend to develop a higher degree of motivation since they are part of a company that has a strong employer image. When employees talk positively about a particular company, the interest of the members of the public will be generated, and this is a plus to the business.

An Improved Recruitment Cycle

The online presence of a company can also affect its recruitment process. Before applying for a particular job, applicants will always search online. The job applicant will have the first impression of a particular company through its online presence. People can only read good stuff about a business online if it has a positive employer brand and a strong online presence. A less known or less promoted company may not appeal so much to job seekers as compared to a well-known company.

A positive employer brand will assist in drawing attention to a company and helping towards its process of recruitment. A good employer brand is a key to having a better turnover rate, and as its known, a business with better annual turnover rate is more appealing. 

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