How Your Company Can Create A Brand Ambassadorship Program Utilizing Your Own Talent

It is widely known that you have no better resource than your own in-house talent to tap in building your company brand. Your employees can show job candidates better than anyone, what it’s really like to work there.

There are a number of ways you can bring your employees onboard as brand ambassadors:

  1. Make videos of your employees discussing their day-to-day experiences working for your company.
  2. Convene a Q&A session to gather information for a blog post for distribution.
  3. Flood social media with photos of your employees enjoying themselves at work in shots that depict all aspects of the company culture.

However, the best way to build your brand as an employer would be to start a brand ambassadorship program that engages your employees. As participants, they are your “employer brand ambassadors.”

What does an employer brand ambassador do?

An employer brand ambassador would act as a spokesperson, conveying a positive message about the company as an employer. On social media they are considered influencers or thought leaders. They act as internal agents to raise brand awareness and increase the number of candidates in your pipeline.

This incorporates the general description of a “brand ambassador,” but in this instance the message would be directed towards the recruitment market. Your employees would seek to influence recruiters and job candidates alike as your employer brand ambassadors.

What these employee ambassadors are doing is spreading a positive word about your company brand as an employer. This gives the message more authenticity, coming from someone who actually works for you.

Candidates can speak to them as representatives of your employer brand, which gives them personal insight into what it’s actually like inside the company. Having candidates personally speak to your employee brand ambassadors gives your message more credibility.

How to Create Your Own Company Employer Brand Ambassadorship Program

First of all, you need to set up a formal brand ambassadorship program for your employees in order to get the results you want. This is how you go about it:

1. Select your best employees to spread the word on your company culture.
In doing this, identify which employees epitomize the company culture, employees who live and breathe it every minute of the day. The people you want are the ones who leap at the chance to spread your message and attract the accolades you deserve. This will take a lot of dedication and they will have to put in the time. You must be honest with them about the degree of commitment that will be required.

2. Delegate someone to lead the team, to ensure that your ambassadors are on track in spreading your message and that it is in fact getting out there.
Because this leadership role is not a full-time position, no job description is necessary. Choose the person who you consider to be a natural leader, who is probably already acting as an informal brand ambassador. When the company has great content to share on open positions or something on the available career path within the company, this leader lets all employer brand ambassadors know so they can spread the word to online outlets that focus on careers. This person will keep ambassadors in the know on all company happenings, answer questions and give direction.

3. Get your ambassadors the tools they need.
You may need a tool for social scheduling, a content aggregator and/or a shared folder used for storing photos taken at company events or around the office. Make it as easy as possible for your ambassadors to do what needs to be done to spread the word. If they don’t know how to utilize these tools, have your lead ambassador hold training so everyone is up to speed.

4. Create a formalized manual containing the guidelines.
So that all employer brand ambassadors have a uniform resource to refer to when carrying out their responsibilities, you need to determine the guidelines for the ambassadorship, along with instructions. You should have a list of dos and don’ts so that everyone is on the same page and knows they are supposed to spread positive messages about working there and not petty little complaints. This manual should be in simple language, but formalized in terms of format. The more you formalize the program, the higher likelihood of success. Be helpful so that it’s easy for them to help you and the company as a whole. Your top employees are a fantastic resource for making your employer brand something you and they can be proud of. 


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