Breaking Down Corporate America’s Most Popular Holiday Perks for 2018

Office Party

Here Are 2018’s Most Popular Corporate Holiday Perks

A bonus ranks as the top item employees would most like from their companies during the holidays, according to the 2018 Holidays at Work Survey commissioned by Spherion Staffing Services.

Forty-one percent ranked a bonus as the number one item they would most like. However, 46 percent said their company does not give holiday bonuses or any other monetary gifts during the holidays, and for those that do get a bonus at the holidays, the majority receive less than $500.

Slightly more than half of employees surveyed, 52 percent, describe the holidays at their workplaces as “business as usual,” while 36 percent said their companies are “generous” around the holidays and 13 percent reported their companies are “stingy” during the holidays.

Employees cited the following as the perks companies are offering this year:

  • Holiday party: 36 percent
  • Extra time off: 28 percent
  • Holiday bonus: 26 percent
  • Office closure between Christmas and New Years’ Day: 22 percent
  • Company-paid holiday meal: 18 percent
  • Employee gift exchange: 18 percent

Companies are also giving back to the community, with 46 percent of employees surveyed saying their company will participate in charitable activities/give back to the community this holiday season. The top activity will be food/clothing/toy/other drives at 51 percent, followed by company volunteer events and adopting a needy family or child, at 18 percent and 15 percent respectively.

The survey was conducted by Research Now SSI in November 2018. It included more than 1,000 consumers.