Here’s Why You Should Stop Ignoring Your Online Employee Reviews

Corporate branding should be a complete 360 degree issue, both inside and outside of your business. Your company culture affects employee performance, recruiting and consumer response.

It’s surprising to learn about companies who focus on internet marketing and consumer generated reviews to sell products; but don’t think about reviews being left at job boards and recruiting platforms. But according to a study by Randstad:

  • 57% of job applicants will avoid a company with negative reviews online, yet…
  • 66% of managers / recruiters believe negative employee reviews have little or no effect on hiring.
  • Only 34% of managers / recruiters believe employee reviews affect their recruiting efforts.

Times have changed. Recruiters battle for top talent

Our buzzing “goldilocks economy” has lead to low unemployment an outright battle for top talent! Recruiters and HR staff know the most qualified employees are more selective about employment than ever before.

It’s not just about earning a paycheck anymore. Quality personnel are looking for a career that makes them feel good, and highlights their own mental and emotional well being.

If you think online employer reviews don’t matter in your hiring process think again!

We know you use reviews to sell products and services. Let’s look at it this way…

Do you use reviews personally, as a consumer?

Chances are you use them all the time! Consider these typical platforms:

Do you use reviews as an employer / recruiter?

You certainly do! In fact no job application would be complete without a list of positive reviews.

  • Personal references on applications
  • Professional references
  • Letters of Recommendation

Potential employees are just as selective about the companies they apply to.

And there are numerous resources available for them, to name just a few:

  • Glassdoor
  • Great Place to Work
  • CareerBliss
  • Vault
  • Comparably
  • Blind (not specifically an employer review site but noted for a platform for people to talk about work experiences)
  • Fairygodbless
  • Indeed

There are many more!

It’s a disconnect between management and your company’s front lines.

This marketing / branding disconnect can really undermine efforts within an organization. We think William Arruda of Forbes magazine says it best “the audience for corporate branding reaches… internally and externally, and digital branding messages are received inside your organization too… Prospective employees are a pivotal audience because they [may become] part of your internal audience.”

Consumers care too.

Potential customers spend more time online researching products than ever before. Per the eCommerce Foundation’s 2017 United States E-commerce Country Report:

  • 88% of consumers will research their buys online before purchasing.
  • There’s no question consumers are out there looking at your business. 

Do you think potential customers in a “goldilocks economy” will choose to spend their money with a business who has a poor reputation? What about a company that’s known for abusive employment practices like sexual harassment or bullying? 

Consumers who read negative information about your business are only a few clicks away from your competitor.

Big Data

It would be easier if every employee review were identical. But they’re not! Some reviews are left in stars, others rate your company 1 – 10, and then of course comes the text, ripe with slang. It becomes a real challenge to monitor and understand all that employee generated information.

That’s where Ratedly comes in! We monitor employer review websites and keep you up to date! We check all the job review sites you know of and also the ones you don’t.

We’ll send you daily texts to let you know what’s being said on employer review platforms. We’ll can provide you with:

  • the full reviews
  • positions reviewed
  • job titles
  • stars / ratings and more!

Here at Ratedly it’s our job to present you with the most current information about employee review platforms and data. If you’d like to learn more about our review board monitoring services at Ratedly contact us today! 

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