Here’s Who Owns Employer Branding in These Strange Times

From HR departments at the largest organizations – to sole proprietors at the smallest – changes in the US economy and trends in employment have everyone asking us about employer branding.

From questions about reputation management to the need for hazard pay, know that business’ actions during times of crisis are very likely to affect both the quality and quantity of recruits in the future. 

  • Here, we’ll discuss ownership of employer branding within your organization. If you’re wondering who should be responsible, or which teams need to be involved, we’ll provide the answers!

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Who Should Be Responsible for Employer Branding?

So who owns employer branding at your business? Is it the HR department or the CEO? If you’re a small business owner, you act as both! The bottom line is this: the only employees who should be responsible for employer branding are those who’ve been specifically tasked with it.

One cannot expect any team member, no matter their position in the company framework, to take on the additional responsibility without a direct assignment.

  • To put it another way: no one is responsible for employer branding until they are told to be.

How Can I Assign Ownership of Employer Branding to Staff?

At {Ratedly} we recognize that every organization is unique. And perhaps you have a mental list of candidates ready for this responsibility.

 In a perfect world, we would assign employer branding to one specific individual who has plenty of extra time and a solid understanding of:

  • HR topics, like wages, training and time off
  • workplace wellness and work-life balance concepts
  • internal marketing
  • and social marketing

We would give him or her a specific title, and allow them to spend their entire day managing the company’s reputation among current (and future) employees.

This employer branding specialist would go beyond internal marketing efforts to ensure a quality work-life for staff. They would continually review the dozens of online employee review boards like those at

But whoever said this is a perfect world?

Chances are you don’t have an extra staffer that could be tasked with this sort of work full-time. And that’s okay!

We think this article says it best: “This doesn’t mean your employer branding efforts are doomed to a quagmire of confusion and missed opportunities, though.

Building an in-house employer branding team from existing resources can provide transparency and ensure your organization is taking a strategic approach to [the critical function of employer branding].

How to Create a Task Team for Employer Branding 

Employer branding can be complex. There’s a good chance you’ll need to get several employees from different departments involved. Looking among your staff consider adding:

  • at least one HR professional
  • at least one marketing pro
  • production or graphics designers if you have them
  • and a millennial or two, because they truly have a finger on the pulse of current technology and social platforms, and tend to be hyper-aware of the social implications of negative press and corporate reputation

The largest organizations will likely require a task team to dedicate a few hours every week to quality employer branding. 

  • If employer branding seems like too big a project to tackle right now, or possibly more trouble than it’s worth, remember that your business relies on excellent staff!
  • Even as enterprises struggle with impending economic downturns that are likely to last months, know that your company’s reputation among staff today directly affects the sort of candidates that respond to your recruiting efforts in the future. 

The unemployment rates and job markets throughout the entire US are experiencing significant upheavals. There’s a good chance quality candidates, even high ranking corporate notables from your competitors, will likely be looking for work, and soon! {} is here to help.

Our app is one way to reduce the man-hours associated with employer branding. We can help you keep a close watch on all the job boards and employee forums that recruits consider before applying to a job. Want to learn more ways to streamline the employer branding process? Contact us today!