Here Are LinkedIn’s Top 10 Startups to Work For (We Didn’t Recognize Half of Them)

LinkedIn just released their top startups to work for list, based on their internal data. Per the release, “To put the list together, we analyzed billions of interactions between professionals and companies that were founded less than 10 years ago and received at least one round of VC funding. Our goal was to determine which of these companies generate the most interest among professionals and are the most desirable employers.”

None of the ones on the list surprised us. Uber was a bit strange, however, for the fact that they’ve been under the radar this year for their ‘brogramming’ culture and volatile CEO. Slack is the only one really targeting the enterprise space and related to employment.

Oddly, about half of them, we didn’t even recognize. NIO, Rubik, Houzz and Convoy were alien. How many do you recognize?

2017 Top 10 Startups

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Bonus points if you can guess the year that


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