Glassdoor and Indeed Have Joined Forces. Now What?


Glassdoor and Indeed have joined forces. What's that mean for your employment brand?

Glassdoor, the world's most popular place for online employee reviews, and Indeed (the second most popular) are now owned by the same company. So what now? We explore how this arranged marriage will impact employment branding initiatives now and into the future. Seats are limited, so save your spot today!

During This Free Webinar, You’ll Learn:

Insights Into The $1.2 Billion Deal 

How To Be Prepared For What Comes Next

How To Strengthen Your Employer Brand 


Joel Cheesman

Since 2005, Joel has been covering the online recruitment industry. In 2016, he launched Ratedly to help employers monitor anonymous employee reviews. In this webinar, he will be sharing over 20 years of experience in the HR tech space with you. See you there!

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Chad Sowash 

"Hands down, Joel is the foremost expert on the employee review space. His training is a must-attend."

Tim Sackett  

"Over 90 percent of job candidates seek out your online reviews. You owe it to your organization to attend this webinar."

Jim Stroud

"Joel knows his stuff! Do yourself a favor and register for his webinars and invite all your coworkers to do the same."

May 23, 2018 // 2pm Eastern 

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