Your employer brand: How to be more attractive to tech professionals

The best IT specialists have the luxury of having numerous employers seeking their services and as such, on the best or most outstanding employers can really attract them. Techniques that are effective for attracting the best talents is an issue which Gary Crowe of the jobs board DICE, has looked into, made his findings and has taken time to explain how to create that brand that the best talents will always be drawn to.

Attracting the best talents to your firm is crucial to stay ahead of the competition in the IT world. The fact is that your company is as good as its workers because it is these workers that offer top quality services which consequentially determines the image of your firm.

The best tech experts usually quite a number of options to pick from when it comes to committing to an employer and I need you to believe that; a goo pay is important, however, it is only a small part of what you need to settle before they can commit to your firm.

Your company or brand is entangled to your employer brand but for the sake of objective analyses, let us separate them. It is important that you get your employer branding right. Like almost every other employee, tech experts would love to understand your business, its challenges, how they can make your company better and how your company can also make them better.

The Job market report of 2017 discovered that about 94% of these experts research a company online before applying, while about 79% stated categorically that their decision on where to apply was influenced by this research.

How important is employer branding?
It is really important to maintain a positive public profile because on the average, your workforce by the year 2025 will be mostly Millenials who are ever ready for digital information.

At the moment, less than 33% of IT experts will accept a job from a company without a great market reputation and the reason is simple. Over time, these techies become the digital footprints of the company and the success of the company to a reasonable percentage, their responsibility.

Is there a difference between your core brand and employer brand?
Yes and no. apart from being a part of general brand strategy, your employer brand also shows what your company is to incoming staff as well as those who are already in.

It is quite important to have a positive brand image, however, you have to consciously address the output directly to them because – let’s face it – that’s why they researched you in the first place.

So what will attract the top tech pros to your brand?
The media, your word of mouth as well as other public-facing communications influence greatly your company’s reputation. You have to be the major determinant of what people say about your firm through social media because you don’t want any unwanted publicity.

The social media is a good place to start because over 61% of techies follow brands on professional and social media. Make use of these media platforms to celebrate awards and milestones, talk about major industry events, promote IT projects as well as get employees to talk a little about you and what it takes to work with you. The whole idea is to make your incoming employees feel that they will be valued.

What are the right social media platforms to use?
You have to channel the content on your social media channels and the only way this can be done is by understanding the hangouts platforms as stated in the Social recruiting research of DICE in 2017, one in every three google users search employers while 18% check Linkedln profiles and another 18% would rather check the company websites.

This simply implies that you have to ensure SEO for your site is okay and your Linkedln profile, updated. Other platforms used include Facebook (8%) and Glassdoor (9%) amongst others.

It’s quite understandable that these techies often follow their employers on Linkedln (45%) and Facebook (24%) while Twitter gets a massive 18% as well.

How can you get your brand across?
You have to constantly update your social media accounts because your potential employees will see this as a way to understand the culture of your firm even before they apply.

Employees also feel important and valued if you post an employee’s personal post and this can spur them on to write more appealing things about your company. Alternatively, you can create a hashtag such as #TodayAtDiceTowers, and have your employees develop them with their activities to let those outside understand what is going on within. 

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