Blind App is Coming to Desktop

Blind App Coming to Desktop

Blind App Coming to Desktop

Lots of our Silicon Valley clients know about Blind, but few outside the Seattle-to-San Fran corridor know about the native mobile app that describes itself as a real-time Glassdoor.

That will change with the company’s recent announcement that its service is coming to desktops.

Says the company via its app:

To provide you with a richer community experience, Blind Topics will be accessible both on mobile and desktop/web starting next week (Nov 20th). We believe the community at large would benefit greatly if more people can read, join, and engage on Blind. For us, more users mean more conversations, ideas, and voice for transparency, awareness, and change.

For full disclosure, this also means content on Blind Topics will be available for readership to a much larger audience outside of the Blind app. This in no way affects the anonymity of our users.

Trust, privacy, and safety has been and will always be our first priority. Other channels within Blind (ie. Tech Lounge, HW Lounge, Private Company Channels) will continue to remain exclusive.

As always, we will require work email verification for new users looking to join Blind (even on Web) to maintain security and exclusivity of our community.

Please do not hesitate in reaching out to us with any questions or concerns. Our team will be happy to be a resource for you.

This is good news for Ratedly. Monitoring data on native apps is difficult. Going web will allow us to better service out clients and alert them to what’s being shared on Blind. Add them to the list!

UPDATE: Additional commentary at ERE


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