Beware: If You Sue Glassdoor, This Might Happen

Lawsuits against popular employee review website Glassdoor are nothing new. Understandably, companies don’t like negative reviews, and some go the extra mile and get the lawyers involved to get reviews deleted or to reveal identities of reviewers.

Until now, these lawsuits went largely undetected. Maybe something in a local business publications comes out, or a random tweet draws some attention, but for the suing company there’s not much downside to suing Glassdoor.

Until now.

A cryptocurrency exchange company known as Kraken has recently filed a lawsuit against 10 former employees claiming they breached severance agreements by leaving the Glassdoor reviews and have asked the court to subpoena information from Glassdoor so they could find out who the employees are.

You can read a good summary of the case on Fast Company, entitled “Every employee’s worst nightmare, getting outed on Glassdoor, could become a reality.”

In response to the suit, Glassdoor has added a new alert to Kraken’s company profile page on their site. You can learn more about such alerts here. Check it out:

From the looks of it, if you decide to file a case against Glassdoor like the one Kraken has done, your profile page gets a lovely red alert on it. As a result, candidates and current employees know that you’re the kind of company that frowns upon transparency and negative reviews.

Not the best recruiting tool, right?

It also serves as a way for Glassdoor to limit the number of lawsuits against it. Will the alert make an employer think twice about suing Glassdoor? I’m sure Glassdoor hope so.

A quick look at Google reveals a handful of companies suffering a similar fate, including SynapseFI, The Kurland Group and Semaphore.