Archive by Author launches company feedback feature, a Sberbank-owned job vertical, now lets employees score their employers on a 5-star scale. There are six categories for scoring; salary, social package, career growth, work conditions, management,and recommendations. Based on these characteristics, gives employers a final ranking. For more objective results, the score can be estimated on results pulled from at least […]

Employer Branding: Boardroom Buzzword or Just BS?

2019 was a candidate-driven market for employers and HR pros. The US economy was strong, consumer confidence was high, and investors were cautiously optimistic. Top talent had the education and experience to be more selective than ever about their jobs. Concepts like workplace wellness and employer branding came to the forefront of recruiting.  But all things […]

Study: How to Measure, Increase Employee Engagement

How to measure, increase employee engagement. A joint survey between and Bonusly consisted of 532 participants from small businesses to large enterprises with 20,000+ employees. The second annual study was primarily focused on employee engagement, and it gathered research on engagement levels, effectiveness of engagement programs, and insights on how these programs can be […]

Beware: If You Sue Glassdoor, This Might Happen

Lawsuits against popular employee review website Glassdoor are nothing new. Understandably, companies don’t like negative reviews, and some go the extra mile and get the lawyers involved to get reviews deleted or to reveal identities of reviewers. Until now, these lawsuits went largely undetected. Maybe something in a local business publications comes out, or a […]