7 Strategies to Make Your Employment Brand Hot AF

As an employer, you invest a lot of energy into assessing the personal brands of your candidates. But what about your employer brand? Employer branding can be the difference between surpassing your hiring goals and suffering an employee shortage. Harvard Business Review reports that as recent as 2015, nearly 40 percent of global employers reported talent shortages—an 8-year high. This could be attributed to poor employer branding.

How Hot Is Your Employment Brand?

So, what is employer branding? It’s more than the poster or pamphlet you take to a job fair. Your branding consists of how you communicate your company values, mission, culture, and past successes. Strong employer branding is what keeps your application queue filled with quality candidates. There are a few key ways to boost your employer profile.

Create a branding page
Most job searches begin online, and candidates will visit your company website when looking for open positions and learning more about what you offer. A branding page consolidates all the information a job candidate needs in one place.

Let your team do the talking
Though employer branding is all about positioning and tailoring a message, you want to communicate the human side of what you do. Post testimonial statements or videos from your best employees, in which they speak about their journey within the company. This is an opportunity for them to talk about their development, achievements, and the impact your company has had on their lives. This also allows candidates to gain a realistic perspective about the company culture and how they’ll fit in.

Also, talk to your team about the information they wanted to know before getting hired. Use their input to ensure that information is readily available for your next batch of hires.

Write an elevator pitch
It’s typical to think of an elevator pitch as something you’d use to sell a product on Shark Tank. However, these pitches work for employers too. Think about your company’s mission and what makes you stand out. Then, consolidate it into a short, memorable statement that takes no more than a few seconds to communicate.

Get active online
Your social media profiles are an important part of your brand, and if you post great content, you’ll amass followers with ease. Whether it’s posting photos from an employee retreat on Instagram, broadcasting a Facebook Live video of a conference, or publishing helpful articles on LinkedIn, make sure your content is compelling and consistent.

Use video and images
In today’s world of information abundance, high-quality video and images can break through the digital noise. When you have the opportunity, choose photos and videos over static, written posts. Do what you can to grab prospective candidates’ attention and keep it.

Be consistent
Consistency across multiple platforms is critical for your employer branding success. If you post a slogan in your Twitter bio, make sure it’s the same one you use on LinkedIn. You don’t want to send mixed messages. Instead, you want to communicate a feeling of familiarity whenever someone engages your brand, regardless of where that engagement occurs.

Add value
Regardless of how you choose to engage new candidates and boost your employer brand, remember to add value. Everything you post should shed light on what your company is about. Show candidates why they should work for you and highlight the kind of work they’ll do once they’re on the inside. Tell a powerful story and make the application process seamless.

With these strategies, you’ll be turning up the heat and outmaneuvering the competition. 

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