5 Tips to Helping Your Employees Love Their Jobs … and the Boss

Building a fantastic workplace culture is a key pillar of success for most entrepreneurial ventures. Doing it isn’t as simple as adding a Ping-Pong table and beer fridge to your staff room, though.

Neglect workplace cultures, or worse, ignore the development of a toxic culture, and you’ll not only have a company stocked with unhappy employees, they may be filing out the door faster than you can replace them.

Here are five tips to make your employees love their job.

  • Create careers, not jobs.
    Your employees are your organization’s most important asset. Focus on what makes your employees awesome. Give them opportunities to shine in the workplace. If you have an employee who excels in leading teams, give them the opportunity to take charge of new projects. Empowering your employees through their strengths will make them feel like they’re contributing to the workplace.
  • Lead – by example.
    You need to sit down with employees and talk about outside-of-work stuff. Setting that tone will create loyalty and longevity. As entrepreneurs, as the most senior person in your firm, what you do, your staff does. It’s really hard to take time off when you’re the owner of your firm, but if you don’t take time off and you don’t talk to your team about taking time off, they won’t take time off. And they burn out. And they leave you.
  • Give the millennials what they want.
    Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that millennial employees will just hurry up and assimilate, consider tailoring your workplace to their needs. Pay a lot of attention to what they tell. They want their compensation, they want their benefits, they want flexibility and they want the ability to influence the future of the firm. If you can give people that, you’ll create an intense loyalty.
  • Make your staff a part of your mission.
    Bring employees into your story. There are reasons you started this business. Maybe it’s just to make money, maybe it’s to help people, and maybe it’s to feed people. It doesn’t cost anything to be really open about that. Telling employees what your dream is, why you work too many hours or the reasons you poured your life savings into the business buys the best kind of retention currency. “They need to understand what they are employed to do.
  • Be explicit about what you don’t want in employees.
    It’s common practice to stuff job ads full of the attributes you’re looking for in an employee. You may save time – and attract the right kind of applicants by listing what you’re not looking for. Some people will opt out of the process as a result, by being explicit about the kind of company culture you have. You will be sending a strong signal that is likely to attract the kind of employees you actually want.

There are other things employers can do to keep employees happy, but this is a good start. Onward. Upward. It’s also important to track your anonymous employee reviews with

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