5 Tips for Creating a Winning Employer Brand

Today, unemployment is at historic low rates of less than 4%. This makes competition for top talent at historically high levels. The competitive talent market necessitates businesses to become an employer of choice.

Enterprises must create a strong employer brand to attract, engage, and retain the top talent. However, many companies struggle to create a good employer brand because they do not know how to go about it. This article offers five tips for creating a winning employer brand.

1.    Share great employee stories

Few things appeal to job seekers more than hearing real-life stories of employees thriving in an organization. Sharing real-life stories of employees on your website or social media is an excellent way of promoting your employer brand.

In the stories, highlight how employees play a vital role in your organization. Also, highlight how the employees have developed personally and in their professional life. Sharing great employee stories portrays the opportunities available in your organization and offers a real feel of working in your enterprise. 

2.    Hire for culture fit

Most organizations make the mistake of hiring based on a candidate’s resume qualifications. If you want to create a winning employer brand, hire based on a candidate’s ability to fit in your corporate culture. After a candidate fits into your culture, you can now consider his skills set.

You may be asking, ‘how do I know a candidate that is the right fit?” It’s simple; create the employee persona you are looking for. When determining the persona, identify the attributes that make your current employees rockstars. Go ahead and search for candidates with similar traits.  

3.    Get social

Presently, social media is not merely for networking with family and friends. People use it for job searches too. An estimate of 57% of job seekers utilizes social media for job searching monthly. In line with this, it is best practice to have a social media presence.

Don’t stop at creating a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page. Take a step further to share relevant and appealing content. Sharing pictures of your employees at work is a great place to start. It brings life to your work environment as well as paints a picture of what working in your institution entails.

4.    Make positive changes

To make changes, you must know the current state of your employer brand. Employees are best suited to tell you about your employer brand. Use a confidential staff survey to understand what employees like and dislike about your company and what they would like improved. 

Use the employees’ feedback to make positive changes. Let the employees know the changes you are unveiling to get buy-in. Employees will stay with your organization if they know you are trying to make things better for them. Importantly, request employees for ongoing feedback to ensure your employer brand is agile and attractive to new talent.   

5.    Don’t make hiring a one-person show

Hiring should be a team effort not the obligation of the hiring manager. You can involve employees in the hiring process by encouraging them to write reviews on social media and company review sites. They can write reviews on websites like Glassdoor about their working experience at your company.

Competition for top talent is not slowing down anytime soon. You have to step your game and present your organization as an employer of choice. Having a winning employer brand will help you attract, engage and retain the best talent while reducing turnover rates.

Do not stop at creating a great employer brand; go ahead and monitor your employer brand. Ratedly can help you with employer brand monitoring to keep you updated on reviews about your organization.