5 Best Places to Work for Techies

The tech industry is evolving at a phenomenal pace and with the change in times, the whole workplace dynamics at major tech industries has evidenced a great shift in terms of employee benefits, strong culture and team engagement to optimize growth and productivity. 

It is widely acknowledged that tech industries provide a great pathway to skyrocket your career profile. But in order to sort out the best tech companies that not only talked the talk but also backed it up with their generous job benefits and employee-centric policies, Indeed compiled a large number of online reviews and job ratings to come up with the top five best ranking workplaces' in the tech world and the results are acutely favorable. 

1. Facebook
Tracing it's beginnings from a humble start up to becoming a multi million dollar industry Facebook has seen enormous success and a soaring heights when it comes making it big in the tech world. Based on the employee reviews what sets it apart amidst all the ensuing controversy is a high level of employee transparency and mutual trust that knits all great minds working at Facebook. As an added perk the workers get to have a regularly broadcasted Q and A session with the CEO at the company headquarters' in Menlo Park. 

2. Adobe
With is commendable employee satisfaction rate and a highly competitive pay, Abode ranks second on the top rated best in tech list. Being the creator of one of the most sought after designing software including Photoshop and Illustrator, the work culture at Adobe is geared towards stimulating the creativity and innovation of the employees alongside offering them remarkable incentives for their services.

3. Airbnb
Revolutionizing the new age travel and tourism industry with it's affordable and vacation worthy accommodation rental services, Airbnb secures the third position in the list. Lately, with it's newly added ‘experience’ service which tracks on location recreational facilities and tourist spots, Airbnb is fully set onto the task of making trips and vacations accessible and memorable for its customers. And like all the best rated company, Airbnb provides multiple free rentals, workplace facilities and regular bonuses alongside allowing their employees to voice their opinions and build their careers based on apt communication and interpersonal skills. 

4. Intuit
Pioneering the financial software's like Turbotax and QuickBooks, Intuit ranks 4th on the best rated tech jobs. Marketing their products for the small scale businesses this software house helps start ups to optimise their money and manpower to increase business in a limited period of time. The employees in general have been reported to have raved about the great and stress free workplace environment enabling workers to maximise their productivity through market competitive compensation and prompt assistance from the seniors. 

5. Yahoo! ( A Verizon Media Company) 
Securing the fifth place at this year's best tech companies, Yahoo offers some generous benefits and a stress free job culture that helps the employees to work with optimum team cohesiveness. It is in fact the high employee satisfaction rate that can be attributed to Yahoo’s success in becoming the leading software industry when it comes email services and digital news relating to finance , sports and music. 

Thus, based on the results of this survey it is quite clear that a high transparency rate, strong workplace culture, multiple benefits, mutual trust and the liberty to voice individual opinions equate with an increasingly high employee satisfaction rate which ultimately translates into astronomical success in terms of business and productivity.