4 Employers with Kick-Ass Branding Strategies

The job market of today is competitive for both the job seekers and hiring companies as well. Considering how scales continue to tip in favor of applicants, savvy employers now pay attention to employer branding. Undoubtedly, there is not enough talent, and those seeking new jobs have a range of competing offers to choose from.

So, how do you stand out? The answer lies in maintaining an excellent employer brand. Approximately 72 percent of recruiting leaders across the globe are in agreement that the employer’s branding strategy impacts on hiring.

Potential candidates, as well as the public, are watching how employers treat their staff. So even one who is not actively looking for a job is still aware of any employer branding affecting their future candidacy. Smart companies understand this, so they have in place strategies that keep them ahead of the game.

The following are examples of employers with branding approaches and campaigns that acknowledge the new reality. This short read also highlights the impacts of the specific strategies on their respective candidate pools.

1. L’Oreal

Established in 1909, this stands out as the longest-standing company in the list. The smart employer is a clear indication that even established companies are no exception when it comes to playing by the new rules. After hitting the milestone of 300,000 LinkedIn followers, they went ahead to share the success stories of their staff members instead of trumpeting their success. The stories were cross-posted on Facebook and YouTube, addressing an estimated 70 percent of followers interested in working with the company.

The campaign nailed it in terms of engagement – one of the most challenging yet overlooked mechanisms of maintaining a company’s social media presence. Notably, candidates rely on their employee advice three times more than their respective employers. So sharing employee stories could effectively sell your brand to a larger talent audience.

2. Starbucks

Based in Seattle, the coffee giant gets it right in terms of employer branding. From referring to their workers as ‘partners,’ the company goes further to offer market-leading benefit packages such as parental leave, educational stipends, and health coverage. All these lead to a work environment that allows for creativity.

Furthermore, the company has one of the most enviable social media strategies. That explains the massive audience with multi-million follower accounts on Twitter and Instagram. These pages are specifically for jobs and HR-related posting. The platforms make great use of the available staff members, featuring them in photos from partner events, testimonials, and much more.

Savvy marketers with knowledge of social media advertising run the platforms. This is evidenced by their proper utilization of branded hashtags and informative, friendly interactions with followers in nearly all their ad campaigns.

3. Salesforce

This is another titan in the industry, and the company leverages the CRM (customer relationship management) sector for outstanding employee branding. As expected of a big player, Salesforce is abreast of the new recruitment reality. They are doing an incredible job of adapting and optimizing the newest social platforms; Snapchat and Instagram.

One of their best ways of winning in recruitment marketing through the platforms is the use of intelligent captions on professional photos. The company goes a long way to maintain the already Stellar reputation as the ideal employer through branded hashtags. As it turns out, they are quite effective in this software world segment that is rapidly growing.

Particularly, they make good use of Snapchat, and numerous applications continue to come in based on their presence on the channel.

4. HubSpot

In 2018, HubSpot ranked among the top in Glassdoor’s 2018 list of Best Places to Work. The key reason for the company’s exemplary performance lies in its social media presence. The employer gets it right by listening to workers and featuring their stories and insights in posts on almost every social platform and channel.  

What’s more, the company also values company culture while also supporting unlimited vacation hours, tuition reimbursement, and flexible work hours.

One of the areas they have mastered is the use of feedback from the general public and followers alike. These serve as their jump-off points for future videos, posts, and other interactive content. It feels cool when we see ourselves featured on any content from your favorite brand, right? This means that there will be more followers, thus a larger target audience.

These four establishments know how important it is to optimize their online presence to maintain their solid reputations. As evident in all the examples, you can use social media to present your employer brand successfully, interact with the general public, and spotlight your current staff team. With scores of talent applying for their respective openings, you will have an easy time picking the most qualified professionals.

You want to maintain a solid reputation and employer brand. Therefore, you need a specialist to monitor any reviews including those from anonymous review sites. Contact us today to receive daily alerts whenever a new review is posted.

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