Here’s a Breakdown of Some New Features We’ve Added to Ratedly

Our customers have been telling us they want statistical data around their anonymous employee reviews – as well as a few other bells and whistles – in order to better understand their reviews and obtain a better insight.

And we’ve delivered. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

  • Day, Weekly and Monthly charting of all one- to five-star reviews
  • Breakdown of most popular locations, job titles and review sources
  • Keyword cloud
  • A search box to, well, search keywords in your reviews
  • Almost everything is clickable. Want to see all the reviews from Sales, just click

And this is just the start. Customers can expect to see more features added as feedback increases and our own analytics start answering the question, What’s next?

If you’re still not a client of Ratedly, visit today to subscribe. And if you’re already a subscriber, just log into to view your Statistics now.

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