Wants Job Seekers to Know Your “Happiness Score”

Last month, Indeed launched the Indeed Work Happiness Score. The company says the new grading system for employers will make it easier for job seekers to find work environments where they will be happiest, as well as give employers insights into what their employees’ key drivers of happiness are so they can improve their employee experience and create happier organizations.

The happiness score appears on company snapshot pages alongside other metrics such as work/life balance, compensation and benefits, and job security.

Indeed’s Work Happiness Score is based on responses to the question, “I feel happy at work most of the time,” which is ranked on a scale of one to five. In addition to asking people to give their employers an overall Work Happiness Score on Indeed’s Company Pages, they are also collecting data around 12 drivers of happiness to help understand job seekers better.

The drivers are as follows:

  1. Belonging
  2. Energy
  3. Appreciation
  4. Purpose
  5. Achievement
  6. Compensation
  7. Support
  8. Learning
  9. Inclusion
  10. Flexibility
  11. Trust
  12. Management
Apple’s Current Happiness Score Breakdown

Although Indeed’s company review section already gives information about pay, flexibility and workers’ opinions of management, it missed certain intangibles that play an important part in how happy people are at work, the company said in a post.

Last year, Indeed’s parent company, Recruit Holdings, acquired popular employee review site Glassdoor. At the time, pundits predicted the companies would consolidate content, but that has yet to happen. The move by Indeed to continue enhancing review features points to the companies remaining separate for the foreseeable future.

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