Glassdoor Survey Reveals Attracting Quality Candidates is Top Challenge

With the ever-increasing competition in the job market, the problem of recruiting the best hands for the job has been identified as a major challenge for employers. The task of hiring well-informed employees have caused business owners and employers to return to the drawing table to map out new and effective ways of getting the right man for each job.

One of the most reliable and big job sites in the world, Glassdoor conducted an informative research to look at the prevailing statistics in the job market. In a new data released, the hiring of passive applicants turned out to be quite less effective. The research reveals that 3 in 4 employers (76 percent) worry over the ineffectiveness of attracting and recruiting passive applicants as they have become wary of making contacts via networking sites like LinkedIn, plus the response time is delayed a lot.

This survey has also shown that business owners and employers value applicants who are well informed above all other categories of applicants when it comes to picking the best; active or passive. When asked the relationship between well-informed applicants and quality, 88% say the informed applicants are indeed quality applicants.

It is accepted that applicants who are well-informed are researched, relevant and engaged. About 48 percent, i.e. 1 in 2 employers maintain that informed applicants are usually well composed and prepared for their interviews. They ask relevant questions and show a good sense of confidence during their interview session. Again, a similar ratio, 46%, says such applicants are knowledgeable and well informed of the job role prior their employment.

Glassdoor’s CHRO, Carmel Galvin, says that the old strategies of hiring applicants are no longer good enough to get informed applicants of today who have good access to job information and even several companies’ information from online sources. No doubt, applicants with quality information will reduce the time and procedure of hiring them and boost productivity.

They make it a whole lot easier when they are already vested with information on the company and what it offers. Since the old hiring strategies are no longer of significant effect, the major concern seems to have drifted a little to how to attract only quality applicants.

Well-Informed Candidates Will Positively Influence All Levels Of Talent Lifecycle

Glassdoor’s research also reveals that such informed applicants reduce the time of hiring and cost, and improve the interview experience. The key benefits derived from such interview experience include reduced time of hire up to 34 percent, improved candidate experience up to 38 percent, and better employee satisfaction of up to 34 percent.

And that’s not all; these applicants do a good job once employed to encourage retention and engagement. Aside from the benefits of interviewing a well-informed applicant, the top benefits of recruiting such an applicant include enhanced productivity of up to 42 percent, better employee retention of up to 42 percent, and increased participation of up to 41 percent.

Informed Applicants Want More Information!

The survey by Glassdoor indicates that applicants with a good wealth of information still have an increased drive to gather more information to support the decision making the process of the best-suited place to work. It was also gathered that the key factors that influence the decision of where to work are its salary plan and compensation package which scored up to 48 percent, the employer’s brand or company’s reputation claiming 36 percent and the norms, rules, and culture of the organization.

The results declare that employers are consciously increasing their investments in employer branding so as to provide applicants with adequate and relevant information about their organization and its culture to entice well-informed applicants.

Over 1 in 3, i.e., about 35 percent, of employers will top up their employer branding investment in the next one year. In the same vein, these employers have recognized employees as an instrumental channel for dissipating valuable information about available vacancies and work experiences. Almost 2 in 5, i.e., about 39 percent, intend to increase the worth of their investment in engaging employees within the same period.

When the intending employee is aware of the brand or services of a hiring company, it makes the hiring procedures a whole lot easier for both parties. About 75 percent, i.e., 1 in 3, employers surveyed admitted that when the applicants are well informed of the brand, it makes easier to spot and attract top-notch applicants. An independent survey by Glassdoor reveals that the tendency for applicants to respond to a vacant notification from a recognized brand or company is way higher than the tendency to go for employers they don’t recognize.

As a conclusion, Galvin did add that today job seekers are not just searching for employment, they crave to work with purpose and intend for their employers to share a similar goal. They are now more than ever conscious of the need to avoid the wrong companies and employees as they continue their search for the right employer and company.

Hiring decision-makers are also aware of what it takes to recruit the right applicant, and they are putting it to work to enhance strategies of hiring well-informed applicants. The secret is encouraging a transparent and smooth flow of communication about the job role and employment packages that comes with the job through several effective channels of distributing such details. 


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