CareerBliss Announces Its 50 Happiest Companies for 2020

After compiling more than 250,000 independent employee reviews from companies around the United States, CareerBliss announces the 10th annual CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America.

Unlike any other award, CareerBliss honors the top companies who are succeeding in building a happy culture and positive workplace for employees. This year moving up from its position at No. 4 is Google ranking No.1.

Despite recent news regarding Google and its tension with some employees over alleged misconduct, Google’s BlissScore of 4.251 out of 5 ranks as No.1. The search giant leads the way in providing rewarding salaries, growth opportunities, as well as the support teams who help develop and mentor employees throughout their career.

Ranking No. 2 is the world’s largest construction manufacturing company, Caterpillar. With a BlissScore of 4.116, Caterpillar employees state the people and management is pivotal to the work culture of the Illinois-based manufacturer.

What Makes Employees Happy? 

CareerBliss’ team of PhD Board of Advisors specialize in workplace psychology; the team developed 10 key factors that impact happiness at work including: culture, leadership, work atmosphere and one’s relationship with coworkers. With millions of data points from individual, unsolicited employee reviews to, analysts provide insight into workplace trends that impact employees, managers and owners alike for the year ahead.

“For the past 10 years, we have been honored to recognize some of the most innovative and inspiring companies, developing a workplace culture where employees can thrive,” says Chief Happiness Officer and Cofounder of CareerBliss, Heidi Golledge.

Each company is ranked by a ‘BlissScore’ of 1-5, with 5 being happiest. The ‘BlissScore’ not only reflects a person’s happiness about something such as salary, but also the value of that factor in their life.

“It is important to understand what makes one person happy may rank lower for another. CareerBliss has found a way to identify how employees at all levels can evaluate and rank happiness at work,” continues Golledge.

“This year more than ever we have seen the culture provided for skilled workers accelerate in a positive way, as large technology corporations continue to invest in talent and programs to develop employee skillsets,” says CareerBliss Advisor Bradley Brummel, PhD.

The Top 10

1Google, Inc.4.25091.1%
2Caterpillar, Inc.4.11693.8%
3Cisco Systems4.07093.1%
4Intel Corporation4.04988.0%
5Comcast Corporation3.98585.0%
6Apple, Inc.3.97597.2%
7Microsoft Corporation3.96196.2%

*BlissScore data derived from employee generated company reviews. BlissScore ranks on a scale of 1-5 and evaluates a combination of 10 key factors that impact overall workplace happiness.

For the full list of the CareerBliss Happiest Companies:

Over the last 10 years CareerBliss analysts have discovered that the most valuable factors to employees involve the people they work with and the training and opportunities they receive.

One Google employee states: “I have had a great experience working for the #1 multinational technology company in the world. There is nothing like the culture here, which prides itself on shared success and transparency at all levels.”

One manufacture engineer states: “Best place to work in, with the kind of people around. I could learn a lot and be productive at the same time without much pressure.”

“Celebrating companies that are actively choosing to develop programs to create and better the work environment for their teams is vital and we are proud to recognize the top companies leading the way,” says Golledge.